Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Gazette Article

My latest article came out today in the Marine Corps Gazette and can be found here.

The first paragraph is below, the rest can be found at the link, along with a list of references.

A decade of war has focused Marines’ minds on insurgency, culture, and the permutations of modern irregular warfare, but the Nation’s greatest strategic threats lurk between the lines of economic stories from the developing world and just beyond the future years defense program. The debate over the future of the Marine Corps is shaped largely by our recent history and attractive concepts, such as fourth-generation warfare.1 While tactics and technology are important, they must be predicated upon a strategic understanding of the world and states’ policy goals within it in order to be successful. The dominant feature of today’s strategic environment is socioeconomic transformation in the developing world and concomitant change in the world’s power structure.2 This transformation will prevail over most of this century, affecting patterns of warfare in all intensities. America, still the clearly predominant power, is seeing its relative advantage over other states decline. The Marine Corps, in concert with the Navy, must orient itself on the rising poles of economic and military power in the Indo-Pacific theater, with the primary tasks of securing this economic center’s vital littoral and maritime lines of communications and acting as a credible and sustainable deterrent force against hostile actions by regional powers, particularly China.