Monday, June 25, 2012

Egypt and the Future of the Arab World

This weekend's events in Egypt were incredible by any stretch of the imagination.  No Egypt expert would have predicted two years ago that Mubarak would be in jail and a Muslim Brother would be president on this day.  I don't deign to have a prediction of what the future holds there, nor can I state categorically "what this means."  I do have a few short thoughts about the importance of the coming days and weeks in Egypt, followed by a short excerpt from my forthcoming book, War, Welfare, & Democracy: Rethinking America's Quest for the End of History.

First, the importance of the next steps in Egypt cannot be overstated.  There has been a revolution there, but it is not complete in the eyes of the revolutionaries.  The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the SCAF, still holds power and a veto over the future of the country.  This was surely strengthened when the supreme court declared 1/3 of the seats in parliament invalid, in effect disbanding parliament altogether.  In turn, the SCAF has taken the opportunity to name a constitutional drafting committee and  unilaterally decreed itself virtual autonomy on military matters and veto power over the drafting of the new constitution.  It is against this backdrop that Mohammed Morsi, whose membership in the Muslim Brotherhood was ended only yesterday after he won the election, takes a presidency with significantly circumscribed power, in contrast to a remnant of the old regime that seems clearly resurgent.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Face For Radio: Midrats This Sunday

Amidst a very busy schedule this weekend, I'll be on CDR Phibian Salamander's weekly radio show, Midrats.  It will be on from 5-6 PM Eastern time on Sunday 10 June (that's 1700-1800 for those of you who are brainwashed and not disruptive).  The topic will be disruption, dysfunction, and leadership.  As my son says, if you don't have haters, you're doing something wrong, so all you supporters and haters tune in for what will either be an exposition of the nuance I see in the disruptive thinkers issue, or an exposition that radio is not as easy as it seems as I fumble for words on my first go-round.  The link to more details on the show can be found here.  Go to that link to figure out how to listen.  It is also available on podcast.

I'll post more details on how to listen or get to the podcast once I get them.